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À présent, la fougasse d'Aigues-Mortes se vend toute l'année. Gabor Peterdi,a printmaker and painter, was the son of the leading Hungarian poets of their time, the late Andor Peterdi and Zeseni Varnai. He learned to paint by observation and not formal training. At age 15 he won the Prix de Rome which gave him a year of study in the Italian capital. He would win another Prix de Rome in He had one-man exhibitions in this country and abroad and 25 retrospectives.

His work can be found in the permanent collections of over museums around the world. The Encyclopdia Britannica selected him to write the 22 page essay on printmaking in it's 15th edition published in and it's been in all subsequent printings to date. He also wrote "Printmaking: Methods Old and New", a standard text in the field. The People's Garden, located between the Imperial Palace and the ring road is famous for its beautiful roses:. That's about roses in total. Some varieties come very often, others only once or twice.

The part of today's "Rosarium" along the Ring Road was built in What is so obvious to today's Vienna, was not always so: Since then grow along the ring side creepers, high stem and floribunda roses. On the side of Heroes Square, with the outputs, shrub roses were placed, among which there are also some wild roses.

Even as a child, we hear the tale of Sleeping Beauty, but roses have no thorns, but spines. Thorns are fused directly to the root and can not be easily removed as spines upper wooden containers called. All roses belong to the bush family in contrast to perennials that "disappear" in the winter. Nevertheless, there is the term Shrub Rose: It's a chronological classification of roses that were on the market before They are very often planted as a soloist in a garden, which them has brought the name "Rose Park".

With that, the rose gardener sets the height of the crown. They have neither roots nor can they stick up squirm. Their only auxiliary tool are their spines with which they are entangled in their ascent into each other. The thousands Floribunda opposite of Grillparzer Monument shimmer still in many colors. From historical records, however, is indicated that there was originally a different color scheme for the Floribunda than today: At the entrance of the Burgtheater side the roses were dark and were up to Grillparzer monument ever brighter - there they were then already white.

This color range they want again, somewhat modified, resume with new plantings: No white roses in front of the monument, but bright yellow, so that Grillparzer monument can better stand out. Because the domestic rose production is not large enough, the new, yellow roses were ordered in Germany Castor. What roses do not like at all, and what attracts pests really magically, the foliage is wet.

Therefore, the Floribunda roses are in the People's Garde poured in the morning at 11 clock, so that the leaves can dry thoroughly. Ground sprinklers pouring only the root crown, can not be used because the associated hoses should be buried in the earth, and that in turn collide with the Erdanhäufung amassing of earth that is made for winter protection.

Choosing the right time to do it, it requires a lot of sense. Is it too early, so still too warm, the bed roses begin to drive again, but this young shoots freeze later, inevitably, because they are too thin.

During the renovation of the Temple of Theseus the asphalt was renewed in , which was partially only a few centimeters thick, and so was the danger that trucks with heavy transports break into. Due to this construction site the entire flower bed in front had to be replaced.

Now the high-stem Rose Maria Theresia is a nice contrast to the white temple, at her feet sits the self-cleaning floribunda aspirin. Self-cleaning means that withered flowers fall off and rarely maintenance care is needed. The concept of the high standard roses refers to a special type of rose decoration. Suitable varieties of roses are not grafted near the ground, but at a certain height of the trunk.

With that the rose gardener sets the height of the crown fixed 60 cm, 90 cm, cm. Normally about 50 roses in the People's Garden annually have to be replaced because of winter damages and senility. Till a high standard rose goes on sale, it is at least 4 years old. Roses have enemies, such as aphids. Against them the Pirimor is used, against the Buchsbaumzünsler Box Tree Moth, Cydalima perspectalis Calypso yet - a resistance is expected.

In popular garden roses are sprayed with poison, not only when needed, but also as a precaution, since mildew and fire rose both are types of fungi also overwinter. Therefore it is also removed as far as possible with the standard roses before packing in winter the foliage.

The "Winter Package " first is made with paper bags, jute bags, then it will be pulled eg cocoa or coffee sacks - the commercially available yard goods has not proven. They are stored in the vault of the gardener deposit in the Burggarten below the Palm House. There namely also run the heating pipes. Put above them, the bags after the winter can be properly dried. Are during the winter the mice nesting into the packaged roses, has this consequences for the crows want to approach the small rodents and are getting the packaging tatty.

It alreay has happened that standard roses had to be re-wrapped. Although climbing roses are the fastest growing roses, they get along with very little garden space. They have no rootlets as the evergreen ivy, nor can they wind up like a honeysuckle. Their only auxiliary tool are their spines with which they are entangled in their ascent mesh. From August, but no more, because everything then still new drives would freeze to death in winter. Well-rotted horse manure as fertilizer was used straw mixed with horse manure, 4 years old.

It smelled terrible, but only for 2 days. Since the City of Vienna may only invest more plant compost heap the EU Directive prohibits animal compost heap on public property , this type of fertilization is no longer possible to the chagrin of gardeners, and roses. In the people garden in addition is foliar fertilizer used it is sprayed directly on the leaves and absorbed about this from the plant.

Old rose varieties are no longer commercially available. Maybe because they are more sensitive, vulnerable. Thus, the bud of Dr. Debat already not open anymore, if it has rained twice. Roses need to be replaced in the People's Garden, this is sometimes done through an exchange with the Augarten Palace or the nursery, where the finishes are made. Previously there were roses in Hirschstetten and the Danube Park, but the City of Vienna has abandoned its local rose population not to say destroyed , no exchange with these institutions is possible anymore.

Was formerly in breeding the trend to large flowers, one tends to smell roses again today. Most varieties show their resplendent, lush flowers only once, early in the rose-year, but modern varieties are more often blooming. Most of the shrub or park roses can be found along the fence to Heroes' Square.

These types are so old, and there are now so many variations that even a species of rose connoisseurs assignment is no longer possible in many cases. The showy, white, instensiv fragrant wild rose with its large umbels near des Triton Fountain is called Snow White.

When you enter, coming from the Ballhausplatz, the Viennese folk garden of particular note is a large rose bush, which is in full bloom in June. Before that, there is a panel that indicates that the rose is named after Karl Renner, founder of the First and Second Republic. The history of the rose is a bit of an adventure. Karl Renner was born on 14 in December in the Czech village of Untertannowitz as the last of 18 children of a poor family. In summer , the then Director of the Austrian Federal Gardens, Peter Fischer Colbrie was noted that Karl Renner's birthplace in Untertannowitz - Dolni Dunajovice today - and probably would be demolished and the old rosebush as well fall victim to the demolition.

The Federal Gardens director immediately went to a Rose Experts on the way to Dolni Dunajovice and discovered "as only bright spot in this dismal property the at the back entrance of the house situated, large and healthy, then already more than 80 year old rose bush". After consultation with the local authorities Peter Fischer Colbrie received approval, to let the magnificent rose bush dig-out and transport to Vienna.

On the same day, the 17th August the rosebush was there planted and in the following spring it sprouted already with flowers. In June , by the then Minister of Agriculture Molterer and by the then Mayor Zilk was a plaque unveiled that describes the origin of the rose in a few words.

Meanwhile, the "Renner-Rose" is far more than a hundred years old and is enjoying good health. For around euros, it is possible to assume a Rose sponsorship for 5 years. A tree-sponsorship costs euros for 1 year.

Currently, there are about 60 plates. Behind this beautiful and tragic memories. En , al haber incrementado sus fondos con numerosos objetos de mobiliario, indumentaria, pintura, etc. En todas estas salas se pueden admirar pinturas y objetos variados, relojes, jarrones etc. Otra pareja de pinturas de paisaje en formato oval seguramente para formar un pendant, representan un Paisaje campestre al atardecer y una Vista de un puerto al amanecer con clara influencia de la pintura holandesa.

Se encuentra expuesta repartida en las diversas salas de esta segunda planta del palacio. Se encuentran visibles fragmentos procedentes de diversos palacios valencianos. Junto a bustos austriacos de este estilo se encuentran piezas del escultor valenciano Mariano Benlliure. Its combination of good looks, high performance, and competitive pricing established the marque as an icon of s motoring.

A great success for Jaguar, over seventy thousand E-Types were sold during its lifespan. On its release Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made".

The model was made in three distinct versions which are now generally referred to as "Series 1", "Series 2" and "Series 3". Jaguar planned to produce 18 units but ultimately only a dozen were reportedly built. Of those, one is known to have been destroyed and two others have been converted to coupé form. These are exceedingly rare and sought after by collectors. It is presently believed to be part of the private collection of the current Viscount Cowdray.

After their success at LeMans 24 hr through the s Jaguars defunct racing department were given the brief to use D-Type style construction to build a road going sports car, replacing the XK It is suspected that the first prototype E1A was given the code based on: The proposed production name E-Type 1: Aluminium construction Production models used steel bodies.

The car featured a monocoque design, Jaguar's fully independent rear suspension and the well proved "XK" engine. The car was used solely for factory testings and was never formally released to the public. The car was eventually scrapped by the factory.

Jaguar's second E-Type concept was E2A which unlike E1A was constructed from a steel chassis and used a aluminium body. This car was completed as a race car as it was thought by Jaguar at the time it would provide a better testing ground.

After retiring from the LeMans 24 hr the car was shipped to America to be used for racing by Jaguar privateer Briggs Cunningham. Ownership of E2A passed to Roger Woodley Jaguars customer competition car manager who took possession on the basis the car not be used for racing.

E2A had been scheduled to be scrapped. The Series 1 was introduced, initially for export only, in March The domestic market launch came four months later in July The first cars built had flat floors and external hood bonnet latches. These cars are rare and more valuable. After that, the floors were dished to provide more leg room and the twin hood latches moved to inside the car.

All E-Types featured independent coil spring rear suspension with torsion bar front ends, and four wheel disc brakes, in-board at the rear, all were power-assisted. Jaguar was one of the first auto manufacturers to equip cars with disc brakes as standard from the XK in The Series 1 can be recognised by glass covered headlights up to , small "mouth" opening at the front, signal lights and tail-lights above bumpers and exhaust tips under the licence plate in the rear.

Optional extras included chrome spoked wheels and a detachable hard top for the OTS. An original E-Type hard top is very rare, and finding one intact with all the chrome, not to mention original paint in decent condition, is rather difficult. For those who want a hardtop and aren't fussy over whether or not it is an original from Jaguar, several third parties have recreated the hardtop to almost exact specifications.

The body is 9 in mm longer and the roof angles are different with a more vertical windscreen. The roadster remained a strict two-seater. Due to American pressure the new features were open headlights, different switches, and some de-tuning with a downgrade of twin Zenith-Stromberg carbs from the original triple SU carbs for US models.

A fuel consumption of Production numbers from Graham [12]:. Production numbers from xkedata. Open headlights without glass covers, a wrap-around rear bumper, re-positioned and larger front indicators and taillights below the bumpers, better cooling aided by an enlarged "mouth" and twin electric fans, and uprated brakes are hallmarks of Series 2 cars.

De-tuned in US, but still with triple SUs in the UK, the engine is easily identified visually by the change from smooth polished cam covers to a more industrial 'ribbed' appearance.

The interior and dashboard were also redesigned, with rocker switches that met U. S health and safety regulations being substituted for toggle switches. The dashboard switches also lost their symmetrical layout. New seats were fitted, which purists claim lacked the style of the originals but were certainly more comfortable. Air conditioning and power steering were available as factory options. Production according to Graham [12] is 13, of all types. Series 2 production numbers from xkedata. Official delivery numbers by market and year are listed in Porter [3] but no summary totals are given.

It is easily identifiable by the large cross-slatted front grille, flared wheel arches and a badge on the rear that proclaims it to be a V There were also a very limited number of 4. These were featured in the initial sales literature. It is believed these are the rarest of all E-Types of any remaining. In a British classic car enthusiast assembled what is surely the last ever E-Type from parts bought from the end-of-production surplus in Graham [12] lists production at 15, Series 3 production numbers from xkedata.

Shortly after the introduction of the E-Type, Jaguar management wanted to investigate the possibility of building a car more in the spirit of the D-Type racer from which elements of the E-Type's styling and design were derived.

One car was built to test the concept designed as a coupé as its monocoque design could only be made rigid enough for racing by using the "stressed skin" principle. Previous Jaguar racers were built as open-top cars because they were based on ladder frame designs with independent chassis and bodies. Sayer retained the original tub with lighter outer panels riveted and glued to it.

The front steel sub frame remained intact, the windshield was given a more pronounced slope and the rear hatch welded shut. Rear brake cooling ducts appeared next to the rear windows,and the interior trim was discarded, with only insulation around the transmission tunnel. With the exception of the windscreen, all cockpit glass was plexi. A tuned version of Jaguar's 3.

Air management became a major problem and, although much sexier looking and certainly faster than a production E-Type, the car was never competitive: The one and only test bed car was completed in summer of but was sold a year later to Jaguar racing driver Dick Protheroe who raced it extensively and eventually sold it.

Since then it has passed through the hands of several collectors on both sides of the Atlantic and now is believed to reside in the private collection of the current Viscount Cowdray.

In some ways, this was an evolution of the Low Drag Coupé. It made extensive use of aluminium alloy in the body panels and other components. However, with at least one exception, it remained an open-top car in the spirit of the D-Type to which this car is a more direct successor than the production E-Type which is more of a GT than a sports car. The cars used a tuned version of the production 3.

At least one car is known to have been fitted with fuel-injection. Jaguar E-type, the definitive history. Retrieved 29 August A—Z British Cars — Page 24 Jaguar E V The original ballroom, the Tower Pavilion, opened in August It was smaller than the present ballroom and occupied the front of the tower complex.

The Tower Ballroom was built between and to the designs of Frank Matcham, who also designed Blackpool Grand Theatre, and it opened in It was commissioned by the Tower company in response to the opening of the Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens. The ballroom floor is ft 37 m x ft and is made up of 30, blocks of mahogany, oak and walnut.

Above the stage is the inscription, "Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear" from the poem Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare. Each crystal chandelier in the ballroom can be lowered to the floor to be cleaned which takes over a week.

From until his retirement in the resident organist was Reginald Dixon, known affectionately worldwide as "Mr. The first Wurlitzer organ was installed in , but it was replaced in by one designed by Reginald Dixon.

Ernest Broadbent took over as resident organist in until he retired due to ill health in The current resident organist is Phil Kelsall who has been playing the organ at the Tower since when he started in the circus. Kelsall became resident in the ballroom in , he was awarded an MBE like Dixon in for services to music. The ballroom was damaged by fire in December , and the dance floor was destroyed along with the restaurant underneath the ballroom. The BBC TV series Come Dancing was televised from the Tower Ballroom for many years and it has also hosted shows from Strictly Come Dancing, including the grand finals of the second and ninth series, on 11 December , and 17 December respectively.

Dancing was not originally allowed on Sundays; instead, sacred music was played. The ballroom also originally had very strict rules including:. The ballroom has had a number of resident dance bands including Bertini and his band, and Charlie Barlow. Under the management of Leisure Parcs, and the direction of bandleader Greg Francis, the Blackpool Tower Big Band was reformed in after an absence of 25 years. Themed nights were also introduced along with the sixteen piece orchestra, with resident singers, including Robert Young born Robert Parkes Stockport , Tony Benedict, Lynn Kennedy, and Mark Porter.

You can purchase this photo on Getty Images. I could write nice descriptions about buildings like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, seen here from Top of the Rock atop the GE Building, but everyone is probably familiar with these famous landmarks. What about those other buildings? It was erected in with a striking art deco facade contributing significantly to the international reputation of Fifth Avenue.

The building measures approximately , rentable square feet and is currently owned by The Feil Organization. It is used primarily as an office building and also houses classrooms of Pace University. The building is one of the better known projects of the real estate developer Frederick Fillmore French. The lead architects were H. Jones, it was finished in and is considered part of the art deco school of architecture.

When it was built, it was the fourth-tallest tower in the world. Its owner until his death in was Frederick William Vanderbilt. On November 14, , the building became the final site to be removed from Thomas Edison's original direct current grid in New York City. Today, some refer to the building as "the Napa Building", a reference to its long-time tenant Napa Group, Inc.

The Chanin Building is a brick and terra-cotta skyscraper located at East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan. Built by Irwin S. Chanin in , it is 56 stories high, reaching The tower rises 22 stories and then thins into a series of setbacks, reaching a total of 56 floors. When originally completed, the 50th floor had a silver-and-black high-brow movie theater.

This floor and the 51st are now offices joined by a stairwell instead. Initially a dominant landmark in the midtown skyline, the building had an open-air observatory on the 54th floor. Having been surpassed in height by a number of buildings, most notably the Chrysler Building located across the street, the observatory has been long closed. It was completed in It is feet meters tall with 53 stories and built in neo-gothic style. Although dwarfed by other buildings in the area, notably the Chrysler Building and MetLife Building, the Lincoln has a number of interesting features, including gothic windows at the top, the lobby, and the bronze model by Daniel Chester French of Abraham Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.

Built by Walter J. It is a recognizable part of the Manhattan skyline and one of the fifty tallest buildings in the United States. When it opened on March 7, the Pan Am Building as it was known at the time was the largest commercial office space in the world. It faced huge initial unpopularity, being described as an "ugly behemoth", due to its lack of proportion and huge scale—it dwarfed the New York Central Building to the north and the Grand Central Terminal to the south.

The last tall tower erected in New York City before laws were enacted preventing corporate logos and names on the tops of buildings, it bore 15' tall "Pan Am" displays on its north and south faces and 25' tall globe logos east and west.

Pan Am originally occupied 15 floors of the building. By Pan Am's presence had dwindled to four floors; during that year Pan Am moved its headquarters to Miami. It is purely commercial in design with large floors, simple massing, with an absence of ornamentation inside and out. It has been popular with tenants, not least because of its location next to Grand Central Terminal. In , the lifestyle periodical New York revealed in a poll that MetLife—then Pan Am—was the building that New Yorkers would most like to see demolished.

Perhaps contributing to the hatred of the building is the fact that it is so visible. Situated behind Grand Central Terminal outside of the grid, the building, which would have otherwise been tucked away into the city, is left totally exposed and contrasted with the other buildings around it, most notably the New York Central Building, which is now called the Helmsley Building. Today the building is one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in the City.

In May , Sen. Harding began his affair with Nan Britton here--a relationship that continued after Harding was elected president.

A Citibank branch is now on the ground floor. The building was originally planned as part of a project consisting of two identical towers facing one another on either side of the avenue to create a major gateway to lower Fifth Avenue. The building incorporates the new tower to three pre-existing buildings, one of which served as the original headquarters for Republic National Bank of New York.

Built in as the Biltmore Hotel, the story landmark hotel was gutted down to its steel skeleton between and and rebuilt as a modern glass office tower Madison Avenue. The famous Biltmore clock was retained in the building's new atrium lobby.

It was known for some time as Bank of America Plaza. Grace Building was designed principally by Gordon Bunshaft, and completed in The building was commissioned by the W. The building is located at Avenue of the Americas also known as Sixth Avenue , but the main entrance is on 42nd Street, between 5th and 6th.

The building size is approximately 1,, rentable square feet, and sits on a site approximately x feet 67, square feet. The exterior of the building is covered in white travertine, which forms a contrast against the black windows and makes the building appear brighter than those surrounding it.

An elevated, spacious lobby features a striking eight-story glass atrium ascending above the building's main entrance at the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue. The building also features an auditorium and dining facilities on the expansive lower levels, and is home to PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Construction of the tower began in and was completed late in During the planning stage, designers focused particularly on the views from the building.

The columns were kept away from the perimeter of the tower and the main façade was designed to provide undisturbed viewing from the building. A higher quality of concrete was used to reduce the column sizes of the towers and increase office space. Constructed in , it is feet meters tall, with 57 stories. It is the 64th tallest building in New York City.

The tower is located at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The building has a secondary purpose as a residential condominium. Floors five through 27 contain a room hotel, and floors 28 through 56 are residential condominiums. Em , a Catedral foi transferida do Morro do Castelo para a igreja de Santa Cruz dos Militares, onde permaneceu apenas três anos. Em , o Cardeal D. Eugenio de Araujo Sales sucessor de D.

E, no dia 4 de outubro de , Sua Santidade presidiu solene Missa, concelebrada por mais de bispos do mundo inteiro e por mais de 1. Autoridades civis, militares e religiosas e milhares de fiéis agradeceram a Dom Eugenio Sales pelo seu fecundo pastoreio e apresentaram a Dom Eusébio Scheid as boas vindas e votos de abençoado pastoreio.

A Catedral tem as seguintes medidas: Na base, a pirâmide é quadrada e larga, mas se estreita a medida em que sobe, até tomar, no topo, a forma de um platô. Richter has produced abstract as well as photorealistic paintings, and also photographs and glass pieces. His art follows the examples of Picasso and Jean Arp in undermining the concept of the artist's obligation to maintain a single cohesive style.

Gerhard's mother, Hildegard Schönfelder, at the age of 25 gave birth to Gerhard. Hildegard's father, Ernst Alfred Schönfelder, at one time was considered a gifted pianist. Ernst moved the family to Dresden after taking up the family enterprise of brewing and eventually went bankrupt. Once in Dresden, Hildegard trained as a bookseller, and in doing so realized a passion for literature and music.

Gerhard's father, Horst Richter, was a mathematics and physics student at the Technische Hochschule in Dresden. The two were married in After struggling to maintain a position in the new Nationalist Socialist education system, Horst found a position in Reichenau. In Reichenau, Gerhard's younger sister, Gisela was born in November Horst and Hildegard were able to remain primarily apolitical due to Reichenau's location in the countryside. Horst, being a teacher, was eventually forced to join the National Socialist Party.

He never became an avid supporter of Nazism, and was not required to attend party rallies. In , Gerhard was conscripted into the Deutsches Jungvolk, but by the end of the war he was still too young to be an official member of the Hitler Youth. In Hildegard moved the family to Waltersdorf, and was later forced to sell her piano. He left school after 10th grade and apprenticed as an advertising and stage-set painter, before studying at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

In , he finished higher professional school in Zittau, and, between and , successively worked as an apprentice with a sign painter and as a painter.

In , his application for study at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts was rejected as "too bourgeois". He finally began his studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in In , Richter resettled from Düsseldorf to Cologne, where he still lives and works today.

In , he moved into a studio designed by architect Thiess Marwede. He married his second wife, the sculptor Isa Genzken, in Richter had a son and daughter with his third wife, Sabine Moritz after they were married in In the early days of his career, he prepared a wall painting Communion with Picasso, for the refectory of his Academy of Arts as part of his B.

Another mural entitled Lebensfreude Joy of life followed at the German Hygiene Museum for his diploma. It was intended to produce an effect "similar to that of wallpaper or tapestry". Both paintings were painted over for ideological reasons after Richter escaped from East to West Germany two months before the building of the Berlin Wall in After German reunification two "windows" of the wall painting Joy of life were uncovered in the stairway of the German Hygiene Museum, but these were later covered over when it was decided to restore the Museum to its original state.

From to Richter worked as a master trainee in the academy and took commissions for the then state of East Germany. During this time, he worked intensively on murals like Arbeiterkampf Workers' struggle , on oil paintings e.

With Sigmar Polke and Konrad Fischer de pseudonym Lueg he introduced the term Kapitalistischer Realismus Capitalistic Realism as an anti-style of art, appropriating the pictorial shorthand of advertising. This title also referred to the realist style of art known as Socialist Realism, then the official art doctrine of the Soviet Union, but it also commented upon the consumer-driven art doctrine of western capitalism. Richter taught at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design as a visiting professor; he returned to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in , where he was a professor for over 15 years.

Nearly all of Richter's work demonstrates both illusionistic space that seems natural and the physical activity and material of painting—as mutual interferences. For Richter, reality is the combination of new attempts to understand—to represent; in his case, to paint—the world surrounding us.

Richter's opinions and perspectives on his own art, and that of the larger art market and various artistic movements, are compiled in a chronological record of "Writings" and interviews. The following quotes are excerpts from the compilation:. Otherwise I would not take so much trouble over my choice of subjects; otherwise I would not paint at all.

Richter created various painting pictures from black-and-white photographs during the s and early s, basing them on a variety of sources: For Forty-eight Portraits —2 , he chose mainly the faces of composers such as Gustav Mahler and Jean Sibelius, and of writers such as H. Wells and Franz Kafka.

From his "Writings", the following refer to quotations regarding photography, its relationship with painting, and the "blur":. It does not change; it is absolute, and therefore autonomous, unconditional, devoid of style. Both in its ways of informing, and in what it informs of, it is my source. Blurring is not the most important thing; nor is it an identity tag for my pictures. La possibilité de réinitialiser les voyants de maintenance de service - automatiquement et manuellement - avec réinitialisation de l'angle de braquage et la libération électronique de frein de stationnement.

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Tessere tisser , signifie au. Paris esï situé dans une grande plaine. Laquellt est située entre Coti" 0tantinoph et Salonique, Sedere signifie être sur un siège ou sur toute autre chose , avec le derrière, pour se reposer. Donc , quand nous disons siede Parigi y etc. Tessere tisser , dicesi al pro- prio solamente del fabbricare , e comporre la tela , il panno, As stoffa , écc. Poi per similitudine, dicesi del comporre , del compî- lare un libro, e del comporre, ti acconciare una qualunque cosa.

Sedere significa stare Tuomo o l'animale col posteriore su una sedia, o altra cosa , per riposare. Quando adunque diçiamo siede Parigi, ecc. Moi, qui suis plutôt niais qu'au-" tre chose. Il reconnut aussitôt que cette femme ri était qiiune sotte. Conobbe incontanente che costei sentia dello scemo. Irès-frmde l'ègion Lvra est située entre ,. Nella cui virtute ressers d'ogni suocontentoGiA. Oiacere être couché, étendu se dit de rhomme. De Isril se dit de l'eau quand elle est stagnante , c'est-à-dire , quand elle est sans mouvement et dans un lieu étendu ; par la même analogie , il se dit d'une masse quelconque qui n'est plus de bout , mais qui est renversée à terre , ainsi que de tout ce qui parait avoir de l'étendue.

Par une nouvelle similitude et par extension , il se dit aussi pour consister y comme dans l'exem' pie du Dante. Giacere être couché, étendu significa stare l'uomo , o l'ani- male col corpo disteso. Per nuova similitudine , e piii estensa, dicesi anche per con- sistere y come nell esempio del Dante. Toutes les autns choses pouspa- raUroni des sornettes, Cest une chose désagréable et ennuyeuse pour des âmes nobles qui ne se nourrissent ni- de baliper- nés ni d'apparences.

Il écripit sur ce papier ses bali- Pernes. Boccaccioi C'est par la mçme. Il s'en faut bien que les angues aient autant de mots que d'idées, dit Dumarsais: L'allusion et les jeux de mots ont du rapport avec l'allégorie. Pont les coups redoublés achevaient ton trépas s Tu vis , eonge du moins à lui rester fidèle. Un jour qu'il jouait au proverbe avec des da- mes j madame Desloges lui dit: Cette dame faisait une mali- cieuse allusion aux tonneaux de vin ; car percer se dit d'un ton- neau, et non d'un proverbe.

Que faire de mon île? Il faut cependant obser- ver qu'elle n'a de vérité que par- mi les nations oii le laurier est regardé comme symbole de la victoire. Lorsque l'on reçoit Otrante , Pourquoi tant crier haro? Tutti son qui prigion gli dei di Farro , E di lacciuàli innumerabil carco , yien catenato Giove innanzl al carro, Petiarca. Questô venir , pour ainsi dire , d'elles- méines ; elles doivent naître du SU] et , et se présenter naturelle- ment à l'esprit ; quand c'est l'es- prit qui va les chercher, elles dé- plaisent , et souvent elles font.

L'allégorie est un discours qui est d'abord présenté sous un sens propre , qui paraît tout autre chose que ce qu'on a dessein de faire entendre , et qui cepen- dant ne sert que de comparai- son pour donner l'intelligence d'un autre sens qu'on n'exprime point.

Gommette la metafora la voce figura ta ad alcun proprio vocabo- lo; verbigrazia, ilfuoco dévoS" tri occhi; occhî e al proprio , e fuoco ë al figurato ; nell' allego- ria in vece , hanno da prima un senso figurato tutti i Vocaboli, cioë , che le voci tutte d'un' ora- zione,o d'un discorso allegorico, formano da prima un senso let- terale il qiialîe non ë quello che di far capire si ha intento. Vous pouvez entendre à la lettre tout ce discours d'une bergère qui , touchée de ne pouvoir mener ses brebis dans de bons pâturages , ni les préserver de ce qui peut leur auire , leur adresserait la parole , et se plaindrait à elles de.

Elle était occupée des besoins de ses enfans. Dans cette pièce , l'allégorie est continuée depuis le com- mencement jusqu'à la fin , et cette allégorie est la plus belle qu'on ait en français.

Eccone una in italîano. La tête de cette statué était d'or , c est le siècle d? JU 1 Les bras et la poitrine. Ainsi , il n'y a rien qu'on ne puisse plier s6us l'allégorie avec plus ou moins de bonheur ; il n'y a qu'à voir celle que le Tasse a lui- même trouvée danà sa Jérusalem' délwrée. On sait de reste qu'elle ne fuit que trop, car si elle ne fuyait pas , que deviendrait la théologie? Une grande partie des proverbes et des idiottsmes sont allégori- ques; ils ont d'abord un sens propre qui est vrai , mais qui n'est pas ce qu'on veut faire entendre.

Ces sortes de phrases disent donc une chose pour en faire entendre une autre. Par exemple , on dit: Ces manières de s'exprimer, ou ces tropes , sont fondés sur un rapport de similitude. Le plus graiid nombre de ces figures sont du langage familier ; cependant , coitLme on le verra par la suite, nos plus grands écrivains , soit poètes , soit prosateurs , les ont employées dans leurs écrits les plus estimés.

La connaissance de ces figures est donc indispensa- ble, ei pour 'intelligence des au- teurs , et pcmr entendre les per- sonnes avec lesquelles nous pou- vons converser; cari quoiqu elles soient du langage familier, elles ne sont pas cependant les plus faciles à comprendre.

Tenir le dé dans une càntpa- gnie i. On s'exprime ainsi pour ctrre, se rendre maître de la conver- sation , y dominer. Le piii di queste figure sono délia favella ;0iiâiiëta ; Uondimeno , corne vedrassi in appresso , i sommi scrittori nostri , poeti siccome prosatori , non di rado usate le hanno ne' piii apprezzati scritti loro. Onde , necessarissima ë la cognizione di siffatte figure , e per l'intendimento degli au- tori , e per poter capire coloro co' quan conversar possiamo ; imperciocchë per essere queste délia Gonsneta favella , al certo non riescono a capirsi piii age- voli.

Brunetto , ,che teneva il campor- nello , dice cài sia , e di che casa egli esce. Voilà le rapport de similitude. Tant pa la cruche à ïeau qu'à la fin elle se brise i. On emploie cette figure pour dire, on affronte si souvent le danger qu'a la fin on y périt; et que l'on s'expose si souvent à pécher qu'à la fin on succombe. Tu cherches midi à quatorze heures. Chercher midi à quatorze heU" res a.

Voi siête un certo uomo che cercate sempre cinque piè al mon- tone. Tu cerchi cinque piedi al mon- tone. Tant revient ou va la chatte au lard, qu'elle y laisse la pâte. Et nous pouvons dire aussi: Tant va le papillon sur le feu qu'à la fin il se brûle. Nous pouvons dire aussi: Ces maudits doct Surs feraient oattre des difiîcultés , des obstacles , oii il n'y en a pas.

On l'emploie aussi pour dire , subti- liser, faire de mauvaises diffi- cultés sur des choses oii il n'y en SL point à faire. Usasi altresi per dire, sofisticare cercandô quello che non si puô trovare , e suscitar difficolta con malvagio dnimo, in cose nellé quali' quella non vi puo stare. Cette figure s'emploie pour dire, faire le premier une chose qui paraît difficile, hasardeuse et périlleuse.

Tu Pois quà chaque instant il te fait déchanter, Et que c'est battre Peau de prétendre arrêter ce torrent effréné.. S'emploie pour dire , travailler inutilement , perdre sa peine. Rompere passare il guado 1. Sîgnifica siffatta figura essere il pnmo a fare , o a tentare di. Adoperasi per dire , affaticarsi senza profitto , gittar la fatica. Comme il est impossible de tirer quelque profit en battant Teau , de même il est impossible d'en tirer en faisant ou en disant certaiaes choses.

Voilà le rapport de simi- litude. Siccome egli è impossibil cosat, il trarre verun profitto dal pestare o dal diguazzar Tacqua nel mor- taio , cosi impossibile è il trar pro- fitto dal dire , o fare certe. Et il jette de V huile sur le feu. Jeter de l'huile dans le feu ou sur le feu i.

Ccst-à-dire, cxcîteri provo- quer la colère , déjà as: Jeter la pierre et cacher le bras. Usasi detta figura per dire, far fare ad altri una qualche péri- colosa fiaiccenda, per ricavame se. Egli tira la pietra , e nasconde la mano. Tirar la pietra e nasconder la mono.

Cette figure est tirée de la fable: Le Singe et le Chat. Le singe man- ge les marrons qu'il fait tirer du ieu au chat avec sa pâte. BiUtere si vuole ilferro mentje egli è caldo, Batti il ferro mentre egli è caldo. Il brûle la chandelle par les deux bouta. Je brûle la chandelle par les deux bouts. Egli consuma Vasta e 'l torchio. Vous metten la ehanue dtponl Uê beeufS' 9 Mettre ht charrue devant les èeeufl. Il a battu les buissons , et nous Egli ha levata la lèpre , e noi' aidons pris les oiseaux, Faobiamo presa.

S'emploie pour dire, avoir beau- coup de peine, dans quelque affaire et un autre en profiter. Adoperasi per dire, darar fa- tica uno in una cosa , e il merito se Pabbîa un altro. A cheval donné, dit le praperbe, on ne regarde point la boucfie, A chipai donné on ne' regarde point la bouche. S'emploie pour dire qu'il ne faut pas trouver à redire à un pré- sent que l'on nous fait ; qu'il ne faut pas y regarder. A caval donato , dice il proifer" bio , non guardare in boccà, i Cecchi. Adoperasi per dire che la cosa che non costa , o ch' ë regalata , non bisogna guardarla minuta- mente, ne trovarci adiré.

De manière que je me trouvais , comme Von dit , au pied du mur. Mettre quelqu'un au pied du mur a. On se sert de cette figure pour dire , oter à quelqu'un tout sub- terfuge, le mettre dans l'im- possibilitë de s'écbapper, dans la nécessité de s'expliquer ou de se rendre. SI ch'io mi tropopa, corne si dice, fraVusçio e'imuro.

Vho stretto tra V uscio e il muro. Stringere o serrare alcuno trst V uscio e il muro a. Servesi l'uomo di questa fi- gura per dire, torre ad alcuno ogni sutterfugîo , ogni scampo , ridurlo aile strette , e vîolen- tarlo a risolversi , a spiégarsi non gli dando tempo a pensare.

Fare i miracoli, e un altro apersHa cera; faire les miracles, et Un autre avoir la cire. Cette dernière figure est tirée des saints qui faisaient des miracles , et auxquels on apportait des cierges par dévotion. Cette figure s'emploie pour signifier, prendre des précau- tions quand le mal est arrivé, et qu'il n'en est plus temps.

Questa figura dicesi per signi- ficare, ésser cauteloso, çercar ri- medj , seguito il danno, e quan- do npn ë piii tempo. Egli è ira Vantudine e 'Z mat"- tello. Essere tra Vancudine e 'l mar- tello.

Signifie qu'on est dans une telle situation , que de quelque côté qu'on se tourne on trouve de 1 embarras , de l'inconvé- nient. Significa essere l'uomo ridotto a talé, che a qualunque lato egli si volti , trova aver mal fare da tutte le bande. Qui ne fait des châteaux en JEspagne?

Car c'est une belle chose de de- meurer dans son lit , et faire des efar castelli in aria Chi non fa castelli in aria? Ch'è bella cosa statsi nel letlo , châteaux en' Espagne, Moi aussi , quelquefois je fais des éhâteaux en Espagne, Faire des châteaux en Espagne a.

AncK 10 talom fo castelli in aria. Far castelli in aria 2. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , faire des desseins, oes projets air. Dicesi cosi per esprimere, fer. La mer pjvmet monts et merveilles: Fiez-vous-y i les vents et les voleurs viendront, La Fontaine.

Promettre monts et merveilles i. Promettere mari e monti i. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , promettre toutes sortes de choses avantageuses; et cela se dit ordi- nairement de ceux qui , pour engager quelqu'un à faire ce 3u ils souhaitent , ne font point e difficulté de lui promettre plus qu'ils ne veulent, ou qu'ils ne peuvent tenir.

Spiegasi uno cosi per dire , promettere moite , e grandi cose, e talora di quelle che ahBîano deli'impossibile a mantenere, e dicesiper lopiii di chi per in- durre uno a rare quanto egli de- sidéra, promettegli piii di quello che egli mantenere non vuole o non puo. Je tombai de fièvre en chaud mal. Or , pense , chevalier , comme je me trouvai , car je tombai de Cha- rybde en Scylla, Nous avons fait toniber cet liomr- me de Charybde en Scylla, Tomber de fièvre en chaud mal.

Tomber de Charybde en Scylla. Cûddi dalla padella nella brace, Cadono dalla braee nel fuoco, La ifccchia , in véce del gallo , le trasse dalla padella , e giitolle nel fuoco. Or , pensa , cavalier , corn' io ïestaiy che dalla brace nef fuoco cascai, Berni. Noi ahbiamo costui trûHù dalla padella , egittatolo nel fuoco, Bocctfccio. Perd non restava di sollecitarla , promettendole roma e toma , camé se egli fosse II primo principe del mondo, Lasebi.

Ponr cela H ne eessatt pas AeXà soFfici- ter, lui promettant moats et merveilles, comme s'il eût e té le premier prince du moiide. Tifier les vers du nez à quel" qu'un a. Auete voglia di darmi intorno aile bûche, Dare intomo aile bûche ad uno 3. Ceux qui comptent sans leur héife, ditAstolphè, comptent deux fois. Compter sans son hôte 5. Verror di chifa il conto senza toste. Tomber de la poêle dans la braise. Sçalzare uno , déchausser quelqu'un ; çapare di bocca altrui alcuna cosa , sortir de la bouche une chose à quelqu'un ; e signifies farglielà.

Far la ragione senza Voste. Ttt fai delV altrui vita buon mercato, e vuoifar senza- Voste la. PARTIE , ei fa da par se disegni senza ne sia partecipe colui dal c[ua1e Teseguimento di quelli dipende; ovvero per dire, immaginarsî cose nan sussistenti , e cfaje -non possono sussistere senza l' altruî volontà.

Il faut laisser couler l'eau i. S'eniploie pour dire qu'il faut laisser aller les choses comme- elles vont , sans s'en mettre en peine. Lasciare andar Vacqua alla china y o alla ingià i. J'en tirerai pied ou aile. Il n'a pu en firer ni pied ni aile. Je suis disposé et déterminé d'en tirer pied ou ailé. Je crains que ce ne sait jeter le manche après la cognée Vtemo che non sia ûh gittare il manico dietro alla sçure, Ambra.

Egli stringe piu la camicia chô. Jeter le manche après la co- gnée. Cantare il pespro , o la zolfa à uho 2. Traduction littérale , serre m è più pîcinOi cfie la camiçia.

Kon dir quattro se tu non V hai nel sacco , ne dis pas quatre si tu né Tas pas dans le sac; e yale che Tuoino non faccia assegnamento d'unâ cosa infinchè ei non Tabbia in sua balia. V hôtesse, ayant reconnu son er- figm- , tint quelque temps le loup par les cueilles. Se dit par raillerie d'un homme qui n'a pas réussi dans une af- laire qu'il avait entreprise , et pour être trompé dians ses espé- rances. EgUè rimas9o conunpalmodi naso.

Sigilificà rimanf re con danno 9 e colle Befie di cosa sjperata, e non conseguita , e dicesi per motteggio.. Egli ha dato alla jtalla quando balzaua. Egli bisogna , dure alla palla. Usa r uomo sifiatta figura per dire, prestamente e a proposito afferrare l'occàsione propizia. Tl a, pris la balle au bond. On Be sert de cette figure pour , dire y saisir vivement et à propos occasion favorable. JRaites attention que le mieux est l'ennemi du bien, " Egli da un ago per avère un pàlo.

Dicesi quando uno da poco per aver molto , quando da pic- cola cosa per averne una mag- giore. Ponete mente , o badate die il meglio è nemico del bene. Il meglio è nemico del bene. S'emploie pour dire qu'on gâte souvent une bonne chose en voulant la rendre meilleure. Jl faut faire un pont dor à son Fare al nemico il ponte d'oro , o ennemi. Elle s'emploie aussi dans le même sens, en parlant des diiTéréns intérêts que les parti- culiers ont k démêler les uns avec les atitres.

Adoperasi ancora nello stesso sentimento favellando de' divers! Se dit pour exprimer que peu de chose fait quelquefois man- quer une affaire trës-importante. On l'accommode de toutes pièces. Il ffous accommode de toutes pièces. Signifie en dire beaucoup de mal. Dicesi per esprimere cbe in negozj rilevantissimi talvolta i minimi accidenti ne tiran seco gran consequenze. Per far , come si dice , un viag- gio e due seruigj. Gli taglian le calze ben bene,. Il ne saurait sortir d'un sac que ce qui y est 1.

J'ai plusieurs cordes à mon arc. La botte non puà dar se nou del ifino cKella ha f. Adopèrasi per dire che cias- cuno fa azioiii conformi a se stesso , che un malvagio non pu6 fare se non rihalderie, e uno sciocco noiî puo dire se non im- per tinenze. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , réveiller une affaire qui était assoupie , rappeler des haines , des ressentimens qui étaient as- soupis. Destàre il can che dorme 3.

Stûgzicdre il Jbrmîcaio, o il vespaio , o stuz9ican i calabroni. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , que des maux que l'on ne peut éviter il faut choisir le moindre. Dicesi cosi dell'eleggere de' ' maii che non si po3sono fuggi] il manco maie. Il Jette les marguerites devant les pourceaux. S'emploie pour dire qu'il est à craindre que la fin d'une affaire ne soit difficile et fâcheuse, quoi- que le commencement ne le.

Est-ce qu'il faut toujours faire le pied de grue? Je ne suis pas fait pour rester, ici à faire le pied de grue. Il me fait faire le pied de grue. E che lio afarsempre mula di medico? On s'exprime ainsi pour dire attendre Ipng-temps sur ses pieds. JBlle a levé le masque. Zjever le masque a. Signifie ne dissimuler plus, agir ouvertement sans retenue et sans honte. Farmula di medico i.

Significa aspettare in piedi , e lunga pezza. Questa ë la relazione di similitudine. Essa ha mandata gih la visiera. Idandano giù là visiera. Mandar giù la visiera y o la huffa 2.

Significa non dissimular piii , non aver vergogna , ne faccia ; divenire sfacciato. Il faut y aller bride en main , d pas mesurés. Aller à pas mesurés , aller bride en main dans une affaire 3. On emploie ces figures pour dire procéder dans une affaire Va sulfilo délia slnopia saldo , senza uscir punto mai dal segno retto.

Bi Pi si vuole andar col calzar del piombo. Fallu, ma pauuisu col calzar del piombo. Su pi pa col calzar del piombo. Ci podo col calzar del piombo. Andar pelfilo délia sinopia , o ' andar col calzar del piombo 3. Fous avez pris le mors aux dents. Prendre le mors aux dents i. Se dit d'un jeune homme qui secoue toute espèce de dépen- dance 9 pour se livrer à ses pas- sions. Se dit aussi de quelqu'un qui s'affranchit d'une contrainte , d'une suggestion, et résiste ouver- tement à ceux à qui il était sou- tûxi auparavant.

Egîî ha rotta la cavezza. Je sais qu'en pareil cas ce serait apecjoie Que je te le rendrais en la même monnoie. Elle sera folle si elle ne lui rend pas a monnaie de sa pièce. Pazza sarà , scella non gli rende pan perfocaccia. Mors, partie de la bride du che- nal f qui passe dabs la bouche. On dit qu'un cheval prend le mors au!

Yoilà le rapport de similitude de la figure ci- dessus. Cayezza è fune , o cuoio col quale si tiene Icgato per lo capo il cavallo, o altra pestia simile, per lô piu alla mangiatoia. Rompere la cavezza dicesi dunqîie propria- mente dell' animale quando per qualche appetito , o per désio di libertà la slrappa e si toglie cosi dalla suggezionq , e , abbandonan- dosi al suo piacere, va corriBn4o quà e là , e nol puo l'uomo fer- mare.

Quindi la figura rompre la càpezza, e leuani la cauezza. QUal asino da in parete tal ricepe 4. Significa torre in presto sopra la speranza délia fîitura ricolta. Rendere o pagare nella tteesa moneta.

Rendre pain frais pour de la galette 4. On dit aussi dans le même sens, rispanden aile rime, o per le. Dicesi per sicnificare , far moho roimore in un negozîo, quando ei dovrebbe esser tenuto segretissiiûo per poter riuscire. Ei si va per piu strade a Roma 2. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , que par differens moyens on arrive à même fin. Dicesi cosi per dire , che si puo per più. F'ous prêchez dans le désert. C'est prêcher dans le désert. Prêcher dans le désert 3.

S'emploie pour dire n'être point écoute. Vous écorcltez V anguille par la queue, Ecorcher Vanguille par la queue 4. Signifie commencer par Voi predicate a porri. E un predicare a' porri, Gecchi. Predicare a porri 5. Significa favellare a chi non vuole intendere. Voi mangiate il porro per la coda. Mangiare il porro per la coda 4. Brider son cheval par la queue, imbrigUsire il suo cayaiio per la coda. Tl nest pas question d'aller fikire ici un pas de clerc. Tci Vacadémie de la Crusca a fait un pas de clerc.

Mais nous voyons que , qui se Jait brebis le loup le mange. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire que ceux qui sont trop end urans aonuent lieu aux médians de leur nuire; que la trop grande bonté, la trop grande douceur est souvent préjudiciable. Prese, al parer mio, uno shardel" lato granchio a secco. In nessun altra cosa l'uom pià erra piglia pià granchi , -efa mag- gior matroni y certOj che nelleçose délia guerra.

Non si traita qui di pigliar un granchio. Qui la Crusca ha preso un mazzo di granchi. Pigliare un granchio i. Adoperasi per dire, fare errore o per ignoranza,. Adoperasi siffatta figura pèr dire che chi sopporta , per trop- pa bon ta , le piccole ingiu rie , da animo a che gb'ene sieii fatte délie grandi ; e che la troppa bon ta, o dolcezza spesso è nociva.

S'emploie pour dire , donner plein pouvoir à quelqu'un ; lui Ï promettre d'agréer ce qu'il fera , ui offrir toutes sortes de partis. Gli do carta bidnca , faccla corne piîi gli piaccia.

On dit aussi dans le même sens: Son è possibile non isbracarsi del ridere sul magnifico farfallone che hai preso conquei tre becchi. Donner la brebis à garder eu Dar la lattuga in guardia a,' ioup [i.

On se sert de cette figure pour dire, donner k garder quelque chose à une personne qui en est avide , qui 1 aime , qui en abu- sera I et en fera son profit. Servesi l'uomo di'detta figaird per dire, dare qualche cosa guardia a clii ne ë ghiotto , chi l'ama , a chi abuseranne, ne farà suo pro. L'habit ne fait pas le moine. L'agita' non fa il monacp.

Abdagèse faisait la pluie et le beau, temps , et Tiridate n'était pas habile. Ils allèrent avec le pouvoir de faire la pluie et le beau temps. Faire la pluie et le beau temps a. Abdagèse faceva alto e basso , 9 Tiridate non era esperto..

L'orso à qui posto a guardia délie père. Cette figure s'emploie pour ivre y pourvoir à deux inconyé- niezis contraires; Qiénagér deux persppue en même temps. Flumer la poule sans la faire cner 1. On se sert de cette figure pQi;r âîre , faire des exactions si adroi- tement que personne ne s'en plai- gne. Elle se dit aussi des intérêts que les particuliers ont entre eux , surtout lorsqu'on tire de l'argent ou autre chose de quel- qu'un injustement; mais si adroi- tement qu'il ne s'en plaint pas, Xe hon homme lui fit graisser la pâte par quelques médiateurs.

On lui a graissé la patè. Graisser la pote à quelqu'un 9. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , corrompre quelqu'un , le gagner par argent. Peton ta gazza j e non lafanm stridere, Pelar la , gazza e non la fore stridere i. Puisque Je me trouve seul, je me repens d'être entré en danse. Signifie s'engager dans une affaire, dans une intrigue , dans une guerre dans laquelle on n'a- vait pris d'abord aucune part , dont on n'avait étë que specta- teur.

F'ous mesurez les autres à feutre ""Hune, Mesurer les autres à son aune. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire , juger d'autrui par soi-même. On se sert de cette figure pour. JTai rompu la paille. J'ai vu qu'ils étaient bons amis , mais ils ont rompu la paille.

Misurare gli altri colla sua can" na , o col sùo passetto. Spiegasi uno cosï per dire, giudicare gli altriconsimili a se. Sia rîngraziato ilgiusto , é grato cielo , 'che per trarci d'affiattni , se- condo i panni ci ha mandata il gielo.

Dio manda il gielo seconda panni a. Adoperasi cosï fatta figura, volendo dire che Iddio , per sua benignità , non patisce ci col- gano piji mali che noi non ne possiamo reggere. Io ho rot ta il fuscellino. Ho veditto cJie erano buoni amici, ma hanno rotto il fuscellino. PerQCchè non è oro cià che luce. Tout ce qui brille n'est pas éfor.

Tutto cià che luçe non è oro a. Rompre la paille avec quel' S'emploie pour dire , rompre avec quelqu'un , déclarer ouver- temeiat qu'on n'est plus son ami. Parce que tout ce qui brille nest pas d'or, Oe nest pas de Vor tout ce qui brille. On s'exprime ainsi pour dire que tout ce qui a l'apparence a'être bon , ne l'est pas tou- jours. Au royaume des aveugles , les hargnes sont rois 5. On se sert de cette figure pour dire qu'un homme de médiocre mérite , de médiocre savoir, pa- rait beaucoup parmi les gens qui n'en ont point.

On emploie cette phrase pour marquer qu'avec le temps , des soins et de la patience , on vient à bout de. In terra di ciechi , beato a chi ha un occhio 5. Col tempo e colla paglia si mon turano le nespole. Com' e' n'è una che. On dît ainsi pour exprimer qiie la nuit , on ne distingue pas ce qui est beau de ce qui est laid ; on ne distingue point une iàide d'avec une belle. La fine loda Voperà s. Signîfica dare a vedere , e ad intendere una cosa per un' al- tra.

Sfostrano altrui la lunà nelpozzo. Je sais tirer adroitement mon lo so destramente uscirmene pel épingle du Jeu. Tirer son épingle du jeu i. On s'exprime aussi de cette manière pour si- gnifier , retirer ce qu'on avait avancé dans une affaire devenue mauvaise. Adoperast pçr dire , liberarsi da pericolo o da brutto negozio senza spesa, o noja.

Dicesi anche cosi per significare , ripigliare quello che uno avea anticipato in un negozio divenuto poi cdttivo. Comme Von dit, la belle plume Came si dice, i pannl rifannù fait le bel oiseau. Il ne pous appartient pas de tirer au. Vous pouUz tirer du court bâton opec lui.

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V hôtesse, ayant reconnu son er- figm-tint quelque temps le loup par les cueilles. Plan des Théâtres Aigues-Mortes. S'emploie pour diretravailler inutilementperdre sa peine.

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